Trustees of Tolani Foundation

Kaka Pribhdas Sakhawatrai Tolani was born on 25th August 1893 at Larkana – Sindh (now in Pakistan). He was one of the richest Zamindars (landlord) of Sindh province. Due to partition he was put in Jail by Pakistan Government on the false charges of espionage because he had refused to leave his motherland. He was released after a period of 100 days on the condition to leave Pakistan (Larkana Sindh) empty handed, within 5 days. He reached Mumbai in 1949 at the age of 55.

After reaching Mumbai, he started his work afresh with his children. He started contract business, particularly construction of dams etc. and worked very hard day & night, with full dedication, hard work and honesty.

This was the time when he remembered the days he had passed in Jail and his promise to GOD for doing the service of Humanity, once he earns resources. And thus TOLANI FOUNDATION a charitable organization came into existence.

‘TOLANI CHARITABLE TRUST’ was registered on 12th November. 1960, having registration No. E-2079 (Bombay) as a step towards service to the society. The trust was renamed as ‘TOLANI FOUNDATION’ in 1969.

‘TOLANI FOUNDATION’, a family Trust comprising of Rev. Kaka P.S. Tolani and his family members was formed as a funding body for smooth functioning of the following institutions:

  • Gandhidham Collegiate Board – was formed with objective of developing institutes of Higher Education in this remote district of Kutch.
  • Tolani Eye Hospital & Research Center – was formed especially for the people suffering various eye infections and diseases due to dry climate in this region.
  • Sri Ramakrishna Seva Kendra – was formed for developing youth on campus spiritually, so as to spread the knowledge of the Philosophy of Youth Power preached by SWAMI VEVEKANANDA and SRI RAMAKRISHNA.

Tolani Foundation with the vision of Kaka Tolani has developed its mission of providing education, health and spiritual development of the people in this region. The trust has various objectives such as: Relief of Poor people, scholarships for education to needy particularly women, establish and develop educational institutions, medical relief to needy, to establish and run medical centers/hospitals for poor and needy and all other works of General Public Utility. The Trust runs only with the funds of Late Kaka Pribhdas Tolani.

  • Founder President - Revered Late Kaka Pribhdas Tolani

    Revered Kaka Shri Pribhdas S Tolani was born on 25th August 1893 at Larkana, Sindh (now part of Pakistan). He was one of the richest Zamindars (landlords) ofSindh province. Gandhidham-Adipur being in a remote corner of India, there was little facility for higher education in these twin towns till late 1950s. Revered Late Kaka Pribhdas S Tolani came to this region with a mission to spread higher education among the people of Kutch. Although he had lost almost entire wealth in Sindh due to partition of India. He came to Mumbai in 1949 and built up a thriving construction and shipping business. But it was his determination that he would dedicate all his earnings to the development of education. He started this by taking over a small private Civil Engineering Institute and Arts College in late sixties at Adipur by setting up Gandhidham Collegiate Board. That small college was expanded by Kaka Tolani with his own resources into a polytechnic. Soon after in 1967 courses in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering were added at polytechnic. In 1968 separate buildings for Polytechnic and Arts college were added and Science Faculty was started. In 1970 Kaka brought more resources from his own earnings and added new laboratories and workshops to polytechnic. There was no looking back after that. Kaka kept pouring his own money most generously into higher education facilities at Adipur, Kutch.

  • President - Mrs. Anjana Hazari

    Mrs. Anjana Hazari, daughter of Revered Kaka Tolani and current President of Tolani Foundation and Gandhidham Collegiate Board, was born on 15th November 1932 at Larkana (Sindh) Pakistan. After the Partition of India, in 1947, she came to Bombay and carried out her further studies. She completed her B.A. in 1953. Her father, in those days when girls’ education was considered as secondary, inspired her for further studies and she completed M.A. in Sociology.

    In 1957, she got married to Mr. Bulchand Hazari and then moved to U.S.A. in 1974 and engaged in the business of exporting cloth from India to America. In 1980, the Hazari couple moved to Indonesia where they started cloth manufacturing business.

    While in Indonesia, Mrs. Anjana Hazari had an opportunity of working as an English teacher at the School for Mentally deprived children. For two years, she spent her time in development of such underprivileged children.

    In 2000, Mrs. Anjana Hazari returned to India and took up the working of Gandhidham Collegiate Board and Tolani Foundation into her hands. She spent her considerable time in Community wing of Tolani Foundation Gandhidham Polytechnic by moving around in villages like Satapar, Nagalpar, Khambra, Ratnal, Varshamedi, Tuna, Khedoi etc. and spread the use of technology called “Smokeless Chulah”.

    Mrs. Anjana Hazari has now taken up the task of introducing the new institutes in the VidhyaMandir Campus. Recently, due to her efforts, Tolani Institute for Excellence was established with the objective of providing training for professional courses to the students of Kutch. Tolani Institute of Commerce was established as a self-financed English medium college. And in June 2006, Tolani Institute of Law was established to offer the degree course in Law.

    Her ultimate aim is to keep the light of knowledge lit up by her father illuminating and spreading the light of knowledge for all.

  • Dr. N. P. Tolani – Trustee

    Dr. N.P. Tolani was born on 15th February 1924 in Larkhana (Sindh) Pakistan and received his primary education there. In 1945, he graduated in Agriculture (B.Sc.) with 1st Class Honors with distinction and stood 2nd in the University of Bombay. In 1947, he obtained his Masters in Agricultural Engineering with high honors fromCornell University in U.S.A. He returned to Cornell University to pursue Doctoral studies in Agricultural Economics and achieved the unique distinction of completion his course of study as well as outstanding research work to earn his Ph.D. in a brief period of 22 months.

    Dr. Tolani developed a passion for community services and social development through philanthropy. From the 1960s he assisted his father to establish the Tolani Colleges in Adipur, near Kandla, which impart education in Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Commerce, Management and Home Science among other fields. In the late 1980s Dr. Tolani established the Tolani College of Commerce in Mumbai, which is recognized as a high quality institution for commerce in the Mumbai metropolis. A decade later, with vast experience in shipping, Dr. Tolani committed himself to developing a world class Maritime Institute near the town of Talegaon in Maharashtra. His inspiration to establish a campus based institution came from Cornell University, which arguably has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.

  • Lt. Col. T J Reejsinghani, B.E. (CIVIL): FIE

    He commissioned in Corps of Engineers of Indian Army in December 1949 and retired in the rank of Lt. Col. in June 1970.

    The important appointments held by him during tenure inArmy were as follows: --

    • Commander of Engineer Task Force deployed in Kashmir Valley for widening, improving and maintaining National Highway No. 1A between BATOTE and SRINAGAR. The Task Force was given additional responsibility of ensuring that all roads leading to border with Pakistan were kept clear of snow and other obstructions during 1965 operations.
    • Commander Works Engineers Naval Works, Mumbai. In addition to various Naval works entrusted with construction and coordination of Naval Officers Mess with residential quarters for Naval officers. This work was declared as prestigious work by Army Headquarters, Delhi.
  • Mr. Bulchand G. Hazari – Trustee

    Born on 14 April, 1929 at Patna, Mr. Bullu Hazari completed his entire studies till his Masters in History from Patna, Bihar. He also completed his Diploma in International Relations in 1954. He worked with “Standard Vacuum Oil Company” Bombay which was then nationalized in 1970 as “ESSO”. Then he took up job with “Transworld Airlines” and worked in Sales in Senior Management. After that, he worked with Jet Airways in setting up the whole organization. He also has rich and vast experience of working in a global environment. He actively participates in the activities of GCB.

  • Mr. Chandru Tolani, MS

    He is the youngest child of Kaka Tolani. A qualified engineer from Cornell University of USA, he is working in the family business in Tolani Shipping and participates actively in the activities of Tolani Foundation.