Collegiate Board

The district of Kutch is located in the western corner of the Gujarat State of India on west coast. Kutch has got Arabian sea on the west side and shares border with Pakistan. The area is actually part of desert known as Great Rann of Kutch (great desert of Kutch). The area is in highly seismic zone and is prone to natural calamities like cyclone also. However, the area has always been inhabited by people of Kutch known as Kutchis. After partition of India in 1947, thousands of people living in Sindh province (now in Pakistan) were displaced. On the request of Mahatma Gandhi, the king of Kutch gave a piece of land for settlement of Sindhis displaced from Sindh. This area was developed near Kandla Port and is called Gandhidham-Adipur.

Revered Kaka Shri Prabhudas S Tolani was born on 25th August 1893 at Larkana, Sindh (now part of Pakistan). He was one of the richest Zamindars (landlords) of Sindh province. Gandhidham-Adipur being in a remote corner of India, there was little facility for higher education the twin towns till late 1950s. Revered Late Kaka Prabhudas S Tolani, came to this region with a mission to spread higher education among the people of Kutch. Although he had lost almost entire wealth in Sindh in aftermath of partition of India, he came to Mumbai in 1949 and built up a thriving construction and shipping business. But it was his determination that he would dedicate all his earnings to the development of education. He started this by taking over a small private engineering college and starting other new colleges with only 12 students in late sixties at Adipur and setting up Gandhidham Collegiate Board along with the Maitri Mandal. That small college was expanded by Kaka P S Tolani with his own resources into a polytechnic. Soon after in 1967 courses in mechanical and electrical were added at the polytechnic. In 1968 separate buildings for polytechnic and arts college were added and a science college was started. In 1970 Kaka brought more resources from his own earnings and added new laboratories and workshops to polytechnic. Then there was no looking back. Kaka kept pouring his own money most generously into higher education facilities at Adipur, Kutch.


Sr. No. Name Name of Father/Husband Address Nationality Occupation Trustee/Member Phone No.
1 Dr. N. P. Tolani Prabhudas S. Tolani 1100, Prabhu Kutir, 15, Altamount Road, Mumbai - 400 005 Indian Merchant Trustee 022-56568989, 022-23801818
2 Shri M. K. Chandnani Khubchand Chandnani 602-D, NISARG, New Diwalipura Road, Vadodara American Citizen Rtd. Engineer Trustee 0265-2356034
3 Mrs. Anjana B. Hazari Bulu Hazari Bunglow No.Z-2, Adipur (Kachchh) American Citizen House Wife President/Trustee 022-23512407, 022-23512173
4 Mrs. Nirmala H. Gajwani H. R. Gajwani S.D.B.- 147-148, Adipur (Kachchh) Indian Ex-MLA Member 02836-260631
5 Ms. Krishna Bhambhani Khodusing Bhambhani T.B.X. - 9, Adipur (Kachchh) Indian Rtd. Principal Trustee 02836-260201
6 Dr. Ramesh Vaswani Minyo Vaswani 2B-35, Adipur Indian Doctor Member 02836-260313
7 Mr. Bulchand G. Hazari Gehisingh Hazari Bunglow No.Z-2, Adipur (Kutch) American Citizen Rtd. Trustee 022-23512407, 022-23512173
8 Mr. Ramesh Motwane USA Member
9 Ms. Pinky Pinto Bulchand Hazari Bunglow No.Z-2, Adipur (Kutch) Indian/td> Administrator 02836-260373
10 Mr. Laxman H. Daryani Hari Daryani Prabhu Chhaya-2, Adipur (Kutch) Indian Rtd. Principal Campus Directorn> 02836-260889